No One Showed Up For His Birthday So Mom Posted This Photo… A Shocking Twist

“For his sixth birthday, all Teddy wished for was to enjoy a slice of pizza with his friends.

In Arizona, a mother recalls that not a single one of her son’s kindergarten buddies missed the chance to share a piece of pizza with their beloved Teddy. They had set a table for 32 people, anticipating a wonderful gathering.

Last Sunday, in Tucson’s Peter Piper Pizza, Teddy and his mother, Sil Mazzini, had eagerly arranged for the entire class to sit together, along with their parents. Teddy, excitedly, had reached out to his friends. While a few had already made plans for the day and politely declined, they were all taken aback when none of Teddy’s friends showed up. This disappointment crushed the young boy’s spirit.”

“I’m done with parties for a while,” Mazzini told KNXV.

Mazzini gave a KVOA reporter a picture showing her son alone in front of numerous pizzas, and the reporter posted the picture on his Facebook page. Even via the photo, other people could feel it. People from all around the world gave the little kid presents and offers to cheer him up, including a free ride in a “mouse limo” maintained by a nearby exterminator.

“I live near Tampa, Florida, and heard about you via my local news,” a woman wrote on the Facebook post. “I hope you have a wonderful year and I’m sending you a big hug.”

“People are flaky and inconsiderate sometimes,” another woman wrote. “It happens, that doesn’t mean you aren’t great, just that people are silly. Best wishes kiddo!”

But what happened next was totally unexpected! The best gift Teddy got was from the Phoenix Suns, who invited the young boy to watch Wednesday night’s game at the Talking Stick Resort Arena against the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James.

“How about we celebrate with thousands at our place!” the team tweeted“Tickets to Wednesday’s #SunsVSLakers game are all yours Teddy! Talk soon!”

The Phoenix Rising, a city’s professional soccer club, invited Teddy to “join 7,000 of his closest friends” at a playoff game on Friday. Some fans even reached out to make a customized jersey for him.

But some people on social media raised an eyebrows on Mazzini’s decision to broadcast her son’s humiliating day.

“Quick! Someone call the news, let’s embarrass this kid even more than he already is,” one woman wrote on Facebook. “Good lord. This is so wrong.”

Do you think these people did the right thing, or he should get some tough love and learn things the hard way?

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