New House Smells Strange So Man Checks Vents And Find This

James and Mandy Fiser’s idyllic vision of their perfect Pittsburgh home took an unexpected turn when hidden enigmas within the dwelling came to light. Initially overlooking a mysterious floor hatch during their initial tour, the couple’s curiosity led them to a key discreetly placed inside a vent in their home office.

Beyond an antique cupboard in the kitchen, a concealed door opened to reveal a dimly lit basement adorned with vintage furniture and framed pictures.

However, their exploration into the home’s history did not conclude there. Inside a locked hatch, they discovered a box containing old recipes and, remarkably, the original blueprints dating back to 1887.

As they delved deeper into the house’s past, the Fisers unearthed a darker narrative. The box harbored disconcerting jars of preserved foods and animal carcasses, ominously connected to a hidden vent in the living room that had captured the attention of their dog, Scout.

Disturbed by this macabre revelation, the Fisers sought professional assistance, leading to the realization that such findings were not uncommon in old Victorian houses in Pennsylvania. These artifacts were linked to a healing tradition known as “powwow,” amalgamating religious elements with health practices.

The previous occupant, an elderly woman, likely engaged in these rituals for healing purposes.

Opting to rid their home of the unsettling artifacts, the Fisers successfully eliminated the eerie ambiance and created a more comfortable living space.

Relieved to comprehend the origin of the strange occurrences, the couple is now dedicated to transforming their dream home into a haven, liberated from the haunting secrets of its past. With the mysterious remnants removed, the house stands ready for the Fisers to continue building their lives.