Man’s Girlfriend Issues Him an Ultimatum: Either Get Rid Of The Dog or Get Rid of Him.

When you move in with someone, your relationship becomes more serious.

But what if troubles develop from the start, like with this guy whose partner issued an ultimatum? She loved him and wished to be with him, but there was one hitch. Molly, his beagle, was her nemesis. In fact, she despised the dog so much that she told him he had to make a choice: either the pet or she. Someone could claim it’s a tough one.

Not for this guy, anyhow.

He described his situation on Craigslist, saying, “My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly.” So I have to find her a new home.”“I’ve owned her for four years and she’s a purebred from a rich neighborhood.

She enjoys playing games. Not completely trained. Because she has long hair, she is a little high maintenance, especially with her nails, but she enjoys having them done.

“He yaps all night but sleeps while I work.” Eats only the tastiest and most costly foods.

Will NEVER meet you at the door after a long day or unconditionally adore you when you’re depressed. She doesn’t bite, but she’s a jerk!”To be honest, we think he made the correct decision.

Who abandons their pet in such a way? His fiancée must not have asked him to get rid of his canine companion in the first place, so she got what she deserved.

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