Losing Your Dog Can Be As Painful As Losing A Loved One

Researchers reveal that losing a dog can be as hard as losing a loved one. If you had a dog and you lost it, you know how painful that is. Pets are members of our family. We all share a special connection with our pets. They are our friends and companions. If you lose your dog, you will be really sad.

The owners of the dog need a lot of time to be sad and to grieve after they have lost their pets. People that did not have any pets cannot understand this. They can comment that “It is a dog”, but that can only worsen your pain.

Five reasons why a dog’s dead can be painful for the owner:

1.    Bondage

The owner considers the dog as a member of the family and they form a strong bondage. Human’s body produces the same connection with dogs as the one when we connect to other people.

2.    Grieve

So we already concluded that we bond with humans and dogs the same way. So we mourn for the dog the same way as we do for people. So, when a close person to you passes away, you look for counseling and therapy. So why not do the same thing when your dog dies. Society may disagree, but sometimes we need support to overcome this kind of grieve.

3.    Comfort and love

When your dog dies, you don’t just lose your dog, you lose feelings. You lose the comfort and the love they gave you. You lose companionship and you start to feel lonely and empty.

4.    Routines and memories

When you have a dog, you spent a lot of time with it. When it dies, everything becomes very different. You lose all the routines. You don’t have who to feed and who to take out on promenades. You don’t have with who to cuddle. Sometimes, you continue to do some of the routines that you did when your dog was around. That makes it more difficult for you.

5.    Feeling guilt

Sometimes, maybe the decision of the life of your dog was put in your hands. If the dog is suffering, you need to decide that it is time to put it to sleep. You may feel guilty for this, even though this was for the best. There is nothing else that you could do.

In conclusion, losing a dog is heartbreaking. Everyone should be aware of this and you should be understood by all the people even if they do not have a dog or a pet of some kind.

Source: quotesgate.com/losing-your-dog-can-be-as-painful-as-losing-a-loved-one

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