Little girl walks up to police officers at restaurant and offers to pray with them

Sometimes, all we need to save each other is a little prayer.
When all else fails, all we can do to overcome life’s challenges is to pray.

Eight-year-old Paige Vazquez from Texas believes this with all of her heart. Thus, she doesn’t hesitate to bow her head down and say a little prayer whenever she feels that there is a need for one, just like what she did that day in a restaurant where she met a group of cops having lunch.

She did not know who those cops were in that San Antonio restaurant, but young Paige knew what she had to do.
There was no ounce of doubt or fear in this little girl’s heart when she decided to approach the police officers’ table and asked them if she could pray with them. The unusual yet heartwarming event was photographed by Paige’s grandmother who was also one of the restaurant customers that day, their table only a few steps away from the cops.

Paige saw the group of eight police officers and she approached them all by herself. The picture has since been viral for all the right reasons.
For the little girl, praying has been a regular part of her daily routine. She did not find the occasion of praying for the cops unusual because, for her, it was all part of how she lived. It was a natural thing for her to do and nothing that is out of the ordinary.

“I always pray for people because, and police officers, because I know they have a rough time sometimes and sometimes a little prayer can make someone’s day so I decided to do that just in case they’re having a rough day,” Paige told Inside Edition.

True enough, the police officer whom she spotted and prayed for that day actually needed and appreciated what she did for them. Unknown to Paige, the group of officers was mourning for the loss of a comrade at the time.

Fallen Officer Miguel Moreno passed late in June, not even a month before the cops met Paige. The little girl’s act of kindness definitely gave the officers the strength to face the sadness that engulfed them in those moments. It was a prayer that they truly welcomed and were very much thankful for.

The San Antonio Police Department was also touched by the little girl’s heartwarming gesture.

“A wonderful moment to lift our spirits on the hardest of days…,” the department wrote on their Facebook page.

The moving image of Paige praying with the officers was also included in said post. It has been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook.

Kat Garcia, Paige’s mother, was absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response that people were giving her daughter and her random act of kindness. However, she was not surprised at all that her daughter would think of going to the officers and asking them to pray with her.

“I’m not shocked at her about what she did. She’s very caring. She’s very loving. She has a very old soul. It’s just something that comes to her naturally,” Garcia told Inside Edition. “It just amazes me just because she’s so young.” When asked about why Paige did that, this is the inspiring little girl’s response: “I did it because I believe in Jesus, and I think they needed a prayer right then.”

Truly, Paige’s genuine act of kindness is something that inspires all of us to not only think about ourselves but to take notice of people around us. Who knows, someone you know needs prayer and you might just be the person they were waiting for to save their day.

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