Listen To This 11 Year Old And His Way To Fix Our Food System

This 5 min video is worth more than any healthy food class and its made by an 11 years old child. It is an essential lesson that we need to hear and learn and finally understand that we are the only one responsible for our body. This is our only body and we don’t have any spare, so we need to do anything that we can in order to preserve in its best shape.

This 5 minute video is essential listening and needs to be shared as much as possible.

That was very brave of him. This boy is trying to make a difference! It doesn’t matter if he sounded preachy as someone would say , he is speaking in front of an audience now, at age 11, by the time he is 15 he will improve so much at speaking.  We need more people with that kind of passion in our world so we can make a difference in our food system.


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