Lemon Juice With Himalayan Salt Can Help To Stop Migraines Within Minutes

In most cases, migraines are a sign of a deficiency in some mineral in the body. They can also be caused by dehydration of the body or even certain foods we consume.

Thirst is not the first sign of a lack of water in the body since, at that stage, our cells are already dehydrated. Thirst is actually developed when the body fluids are depleted well below levels required for optimal functioning.

The urine is the best way to check if you are dehydrated. It is colorless when the body is properly hydrated, yellow in a dehydrated body, and orange to dark-colored when you are severely dehydrated.

In the case of mild dehydration, one experiences dry skin, fatigue, poor coordination, blood pressure changes, decreased urine output, dry mucous membranes in the mouth and nose, and impairment of judgment.

UCD (Unintentional Chronic Dehydration) leads to stress, asthma, high blood pressure, migraines, headaches, and back pain. Dehydration, in this case, is the state of the body which has been living with insufficient water for many years and is severely deficient in certain minerals, especially magnesium.

Yet, before you reach for painkillers, you need to try this natural migraine remedy:

  • ¼ teaspoons of Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Sea Salt
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice


Add the salt and the lemon juice in a glass of water, stir well to dissolve them and drink it right away. You can sweeten with a teaspoon of raw honey. Drink another glass of water immediately afterward, and in the next 30 minutes, drink a glass of water every 10 minutes. Lie down, relax, and repeat if the pain is not gone completely. 

The salt in this remedy is a way to address the dehydration. Salt retains water and can lead to water retention. But taking a bit of natural salt in water will just rehydrate the cells, and provide high amounts of minerals, electrolytes, and elements needed by the body. They will energize the body, alkalize the system, boost immunity, and soothe the headache.

Moreover, make sure you also use the lemon peel when juicing, since it is high in flavonoids and essential oils that improve the absorption of nutrients in the body. Lemon will also alkalize the body, and make the minerals from salt even 5X more powerful.

Try this remedy and you will be shocked by the magic it creates!

To help migraine sufferers cope with the unpleasant symptoms of this issue and prevent migraine episodes, The Association of Migraine Disorders created a list of “migraine safe foods” to guide their food choices, and they are free of preservatives, yeasts, flavorings, and other substances like nitrites and phenylalanine. Take a look:

Meats, nuts, and seeds- fresh beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork, turkey, or veal, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds without natural flavors, pumpkin seeds Vegetables and fruits- Fresh veggies and fruits, preservative-free bagged lettuce

Bread, grains, and cereals- most cereals, except for those containing nuts, dried fruits, or aspartame, quick bread, like pumpernickel or zucchini bread, white, wheat, rye, or pumpernickel bread from a store,  most plain pretzels and potato chips, plain or sesame seed bagels, unflavored crackers.

Salad dressings and sauces- oil and distilled white vinegar salad dressings, homemade dips with fresh ingredients, and without artificial flavorings, and homemade ranch dressings



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