Kind Student Gives 3 Bags Of Clothes To Bullied Classmate Who Wore The Same Outfit To School Every Day

People online praised a mind-hearted student for helping out a fellow classmate who was being bullied at his school.

The student, Brayden, shared the story with the online magazine Understanding Compassion, and explained the way he helped another student, whose name is being kept anonymous.

Namely, he said that his fellow student was continually bullied for being poor and only having two sets of clothes to come to school with.

Brayden added:

“He’s one of my friends but we’re not super close. He gets bullied and hit weekly and it’s heartbreaking cause there’s nothing he can do about it; he’s dealing with financial issues. I remember last year he only had 2 outfits cause he just didn’t have the money to buy clothes.”

Therefore, Brayden decided to help his friend in need, and gave him three full bags of designer clothes that he no longer needed.

He added:

“Some back story to this kid, his name is [Anonymous]. [Anon] has been bullied pretty much since the start of middle school he’s constantly s*** talked on, hit on and looked downed upon because of his size, the way he acts and his wealth. [Anon.] is honestly a great kid… Yes he does very stupid stuff and play fights and get[s] in trouble a lot but I can tell that’s just a way he uses to cope with his pain. Back in 8th grade (last year) he would only wear the same 2-3 outfits because he didn’t have the money to buy the clothes and it pained me seeing that.”

The kind-hearted student shared:

“People knew what he was going through but he was still constantly bullied and picked on, the beginning of the year he tried to hang himself because he was getting punched by a kid (I won’t name). I don’t want to get deep into it but he’s a sweet kid and I just wanted him to know that people care for him and that I know his pain and I want him to feel welcomed. Please spread positivity like this around, [for] people who don’t have much[,] too much negative s*** [is] happening in this world right now.”

Brayden’s act of kindness not only helped the boy in need, but it also showed him that he is important, valued, loved, and appreciated. This is a story of true friendship and acceptance.

Brayden shared a video where he gives the gift to his friend, and he can be heard saying:

“You got joggers, these are all Nike, Adidas and Hollister shirts. A Hollister sweatshirt, it’s all really nice. And you have more joggers in here. And, I even bought you a Champion sweatshirt, so… this is yours. And… this is all yours bro. You can keep the bag.”

Watch below: