Kelly Osbourne Reveals Significant Update to Son Wilson’s Name

Kelly Osbourne and her partner Sid Wilson made the decision to name their first child Sidney Wilson upon his birth in 2022.

However, Osbourne harbored reservations about a particular aspect of their son’s name, yet she struggled to convince Wilson to consider a change. The couple’s journey to settling on a name for their son unfolded through various discussions.

During a recent episode of “The Osbournes” podcast, Osbourne, 39, reflected on what she described as “the biggest fight” she had ever had with her partner.

“I wanted our son to bear both of our names, but Sid was adamant against it,” Osbourne revealed. “We had a heated disagreement. While we’ve moved forward, I can’t shake the feeling of being coerced into something I didn’t want, and I’m finding it hard to forgive him for that.”

Osbourne remained hopeful that Wilson would eventually understand her perspective, even as he remained steadfast in his preference for solely using his surname for their child. However, she recognized that considerable persuasion would be necessary.

“After numerous heartfelt discussions and seeking guidance through couples therapy, we’ve decided to officially change our son’s name to incorporate both of our surnames,” Osbourne shared. “It’s been a journey, but he’s finally come around.”

He should have both of our last names because we both made our child, she said.

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