Jaclyn Smith became a Hollywood star after Charlie’s Angels – this is her life today now

In the 1970s, Jaclyn Smith rose to fame as a trailblazing figure, starring in the iconic television series “Charlie’s Angels.” Hailing from Houston, she not only achieved success in the entertainment industry but also emerged as a notable businesswoman, serving as a role model for countless individuals.

While Jaclyn’s prominence may have shifted since her portrayal of Kelly Garrett captivated audiences worldwide in the 1970s, she remains an enduringly inspirational and captivating figure. With over four decades in show business, this accomplished actress and entrepreneur has remained a fixture in the public eye, showcasing resilience and excellence throughout her journey.

In contrast to numerous Hollywood celebrities, Smith remained steadfast in her commitment to her compassionate values, prioritizing her family and actively supporting various charitable endeavors worldwide through multiple foundations.

Before Jaclyn would debut her own fragrance line, several significant events would unfold in her career. After graduating from college, she made the pivotal decision to relocate to New York City, a choice that would ultimately prove to be highly beneficial for her career trajectory.

“I was fortunate to explore various experiences, meet inspiring individuals, refine my craft, and embrace opportunities for personal growth while being a thousand miles away from home,” she elaborated.

Jaclyn Smith – Charlie’s Angels

She wasn’t really feeling the readings, and, following the casting, she was sure she’d missed out on the job.

“I just know it wasn’t my best moment. So I just got it out of my mind. I didn’t even think there was a chance for me to get Charlie’s Angels,” she said.

“I wasn’t a driving, ambitious actress like, ‘I have to get this role.’ I just went in, I had fun.”

Initially, the producer seemed inclined towards selecting someone other than Jaclyn, as they initially sought a redhead to complement the blond Farrah Fawcett-Majors and brunette Kate Jackson. However, upon completing the casting process, producers recognized Smith’s suitability, as the chemistry between the three actresses in the leading roles was undeniable.

“Charlie’s Angels” made its debut in 1976, quickly solidifying its status as a certified success.

“Queen of Mini-Series”

“The feminists criticized us, claiming we were like Barbie dolls parading around. We adorned ourselves in elegant attire, yet we didn’t overly accentuate our sexuality. It wasn’t sensationalized,” she explained. “However, I never felt exploited. If I had, I would have walked away. Deep down, I knew my own worth.”

According to IMDB, Jaclyn initially earned $5,000 per episode on the show. By the time of her departure, her earnings had soared to nearly $40,000 per episode, with additional revenue flowing in from merchandise spin-offs involving the Angels, further boosting their earnings.

“They did lunch kits and hair accessories, and we were part of the design of our dolls,” she explained.

In 1981, coinciding with the conclusion of “Charlie’s Angels,” Jaclyn undertook the role of the First Lady in “Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy,” a critically acclaimed television film that became one of the highest-rated in history. This portrayal earned her a Golden Globe nomination for her depiction of the iconic first lady.

Around this period, she also garnered recognition as “The Queen of Mini-Series,” starring in acclaimed productions like “Rage of Angels,” “George Washington,” “The Bourne Identity,” and “Family Album,” solidifying her status as a leading figure in the genre.

In 1981, Jaclyn Smith married cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond. Their son, Gaston Richmond, was born the following year, and in 1985, they welcomed their daughter, Spencer Margaret Richmond.

In 1989, Jaclyn ended her marriage with Anthony B. Richmond. A few years later, she made the decision to relocate to the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles along with her two children. Jaclyn, who has an affinity for historic homes, purchased a six-bedroom, six-bathroom Georgian Colonial mansion. Following her success with “Charlie’s Angels,” she was finally able to acquire a new residence, albeit one in need of some renovations.

“I adore the aesthetic of the 18th Century, but I also prioritize comfort, so our furniture pieces are modern—ones that you can truly relax in,” Jaclyn shared with People in 2014.

Jaclyn’s residence is situated in the most affluent urban neighborhood in the United States, where luminaries such as Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, and Bing Crosby have all owned homes.

“It’s a wonderful family abode, flooded with natural light streaming in through the windows,” she remarked, “and it’s encompassed by ample grounds,” she added.

Presently, Jaclyn has adorned her home with new furniture additions and nestled a dollhouse within her garden for her grandchildren’s delight. She frequently shares snapshots of her garden and its flourishing roses on her Instagram account, evidently showcasing her knack for gardening.

Jaclyn Smith – family

These days, Jaclyn Smith is 76 years of age, but her family keeps her young at heart. She says her family is her “rhyme and reason of everything”, which comes from a great upbringing with incredible parents and an equally important grandfather.

In 2016, she joyously welcomed her first grandchild, Bea, born to her daughter Spencer. Then, just last year, her son Gaston embraced fatherhood with the arrival of his first child, and Jaclyn’s second grandchild, Olivia Rose.

Jaclyn Smith – cancer

She has persevered, and at the age of 76, she undeniably looks remarkable!

Over the years, she has dedicated herself to various charitable causes. Jaclyn holds organizations such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the American Heart Association, and The John Wayne Cancer Institute, among others, dear to her heart.

She’s also devoted to AbilityFirst, for which she serves as an AbilityFirst Honorary Chair, holding fundraises and acting as a spokesperson at numerous events.

“Simply envelop yourself with loved ones, support, and close friends,” Smith advised regarding her cancer treatment.

“Moreover, educate yourself through reliable sources, not the internet. Disregard it. Seek recommendations from your doctor and individuals who have firsthand experience with these matters.”

Jaclyn Smith has had a wonderful career and we’re so happy to see her enjoying life together with her children and grandchildren.

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