I Jokingly Wrote a Message on my Husband’s Chest Before his Work Christmas Party

Travis had plans to attend the work Christmas party, but being aware of his light-drinking tendencies, his wife Micaela decided to inject some humor into the evening. Playfully, she inscribed on his chest, “This is my husband—touch him, and you’ll pay – M.”

After Travis assured her he would be home early, Micaela eagerly awaited to see if anyone at the party would notice the message and find it amusing. The next morning, however, she was taken aback to find a sassy addition beneath her writing: “Keep the change.”

Initially considering it a prank, Micaela’s unease led her to seek guidance from her mother. Advised to ensure Travis wasn’t being unfaithful, she took action and tracked his car with a GPS.

Her suspicions heightened when she discovered he wasn’t heading to work one day as claimed but instead veering in a different direction.

Determined, Micaela followed him and, upon his arrival at an apartment, entered promptly. Shocked, she found Travis with another woman. Confronting her, Micaela asked, “So, you’re the woman who left a message on my husband?” The response was indifferent, “Husbands like this deserve to be treated like spare change.”

This unfortunate incident marked the beginning of the end for Micaela and Travis. Recognizing her worth, Micaela filed for divorce and eventually found happiness with someone new.

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