How To Solve The Problem With Cold Feet?

What are cold feet?

Do you remember when our parents used to tell us, when we were kids, to “put on” few layers of clothes on us? Well, they weren’t just talking, but they were telling this to us in order to avoid colds and diseases, especially during the cold winter days. When you take a closer look and pay more attention – you can notice that everything starts with our feet. If we have pleasant and good feeling in our feet, then we won’t feel any particular discomfort in the other parts of the body. But, if you feel cold in your feet, somehow you will feel cold in your entire body, regardless of how many layers of clothes you have on you. Cold feet problem – it can be caused by many different reasons and factors. One of the most common is putting short socks on your feet, instead of regular or thermal socks. Other problems can occur depending on the type of work we do. Not everyone is working a job in which there is lots of movement. A lot of people in the world are working office jobs and we all know that they sit more than they move. The walking and movement if they go to the bathroom, or to get something else doesn’t count, because it’s not enough. So, we can easily say that this type of health problem, cold feet, can occur in type of jobs where circulation is weaker.

Here are few ways how to solve the cold feet problem:

Well, there is one interesting exercise. Exercise that doesn’t acquires lots of energy or time, but it helps a lot. In the morning, when we wake up, we shouldn’t go in the kitchen to make coffee. On the contrary, we should use that time to stretch, get our blood going and to improve the circulation in our body. After you stretch your body, you can also rub your body parts to improve circulation and to make yourselves feel much better and you will also have that feeling of warmth. After rubbing, you can also take a nice steamy morning shower. This will give you real refreshment after a good sleep.

Diet that helps

You should always avoid nicotine and cigarettes. Well, this is because nicotine narrows your blood vessels and then the blood is not going in your legs and feet like it should. But, we already know all the negative effects of cigarettes and there is no need to say all the reasons why you should stop this dangerous habit. The same thing goes to excessive use of alcohol. When we said that you can use wine as a cure for cold feet, we specifically told you that just 1 glass a day is healthy. Two, three or more glasses of alcohol a day will not going to help you in anything. So, you should be moderate in all things, especially alcohol. Alcohol can help you warm up the cold feet or solve this problem for you!

Useful tips

Now, let’s go back to the mentioned office work. If you are already in this type of work, it’s highly recommended for you to do any kind of sport or physical activities. If you can’t play any sport or you don’t have the time to run, you should at least walk. Just walk 30 minutes every day and you will immediately notice a huge difference. Everything depends on how much you move. The more you move, the normal and improved your blood circulation will be. And we all know that our health is the most important thing for all of us, more important than any money or wealth. So, we all need to take good care of our health and to remind ourselves that is the number one priority.

Here comes another great and useful tip. Another good tip is that you need to avoid cooling your legs and feet. You should never wear tight and narrow shoes, because it will stop the bloodstream in your feet. We all know that high heels and tight shoes are very modern among women nowadays, but think about it, what’s more important – good looks or your health? I think that most of you would agree and say that it’s more important to be healthy, right?

Also, very important thing is to drink a sufficient amount of fluids during the day. So, the ideal amount of fluids, which your body needs to function properly, is about 2 to 3 liters of fluids for one day. Your best option is old fashioned plain water. If you can’t drink water, just boil some tea. And we can recommend that the best and healthiest options are ginger tea and green tea. If you choose to drink green tea, make sure you drink it without lemon and without sugar. You can also drink chamomile tea, eucalyptus tea and teas from other healthy plants. You can drink them all, because they are all good for you and your health.

As we mentioned before, rubbing the whole body can help you improve blood circulation. But, the best way to solve your cold feet problem is a special foot massage. When you are massaging your feet, you can use some kind of cream, or just use herbal cream. It doesn’t have to be any cosmetic or expensive type. Just gently rub and massage your feet before bedtime. This will relax you and it will help you get rid of that uncomfortable feeling of having cold feet while you sleep. Just imagine how much better you will sleep when you’ll get that warming feeling. You will fall asleep just like you have your socks on. And all you did is an ordinary foot massage, which helped you a lot.

And the most important thing is to stay calm. Be less nervous and stressed. Because, the more stressed we are, the more negative things will happen. And one of these negative things is the cold feet problem. So, stay calm and don’t always respond to the first “shot”. Think first, and then act. The steady and positive thinking can help you so much with your health, so that’s why you should always be positive and you need to wake up with positive attitude and thinking every day.

Just follow these simple steps and you will solve your cold feet problem in no time. And remember, stay positive! We really hope you enjoyed this post and please share it with yoru friends and family. Thanks!

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