Hotel Manager Tried To Overcharge An Elderly Couple. The Elderly’s Response Made Him Regret

An elderly couple embarked on a road trip to visit their family. After nearly eleven hours of driving, they felt too exhausted to continue and decided to rest at a hotel. They planned to sleep for only four hours and then resume their journey.

However, when they checked out four hours later, the desk clerk handed them a bill for a staggering $350.00. The man was taken aback and demanded an explanation for the exorbitant charge, arguing that the hotel’s rooms couldn’t possibly be worth that much for just four hours.

The clerk responded that $350.00 was the ‘standard rate,’ which didn’t sit well with the man. He insisted on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appeared, attentively listening to the man’s complaints, and proceeded to explain that the hotel offered fantastic amenities, including an Olympic-sized pool and a massive conference center, all of which were available for their use during their stay. The man, still dissatisfied, retorted that they hadn’t used any of those facilities.

The Manager continued, highlighting the hotel’s famous shows featuring top entertainers from New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. Again, the man claimed they hadn’t attended any shows. The Manager, undeterred, reminded them that the shows were available if they wished to enjoy them.

No matter what the Manager mentioned, the husband kept repeating, “But we didn’t use it!” Despite the couple’s protests, the Manager stood firm, and the husband eventually gave in and agreed to pay the bill.

Since the husband didn’t have the checkbook, he asked his wife to write the check. However, when the Manager looked at the check, he was astonished to find it was only for $50.00. Puzzled, he questioned her about the amount. The wife calmly responded, “That’s correct. I charged you $300.00 for sleeping with me.”

Shocked, the Manager exclaimed, “But I didn’t!” To which she coolly replied, “Well, too bad, I was here, and you could have.” The couple’s clever response served as a reminder not to underestimate senior citizens – they’ve reached their age through life experiences and wisdom, and they know how to handle a situation!