Here Is What We Use Every Day But Causes Cancer

Paraben is used to for preservation, stop bleeding and development of micro-organism, bacteria and fungi. However, lately everybody is talking about the harmful effects of paraben and long term exposure to it. Here we present you why paraben is harmful and what you can do to avoid it.

Until recently paraben has been used in decorative cosmetics (lipsticks, powders, lip glosses, blushes and mascaras) and cosmetics (face creams and body products for self-tanning, toothpastes and baby creams) and many others.

We are constantly exposed to this chemical because daily we apply too many cosmetics. According to a British experiment, women apply around 515 chemicals on their bodies daily. These chemicals are consisted in everything that we use starting with lipsticks, deodorants, body lotions up shampoos. 90% of the products we use contain paraben.

Dr. Philippa Darbre claims that the paraben is very harmful for the body and the problem with it is that it doesn’t decompose in the body and it can’t be thrown away from the body through feces and urine. Instead, it piles up around the bones, organs and intestines and the heart and causes complications, diseases and even cancer. However, still more research needs to be in order to prove that and find a way to eliminate it from the body.

Just for an example, the body absorbs 20 up to 60% of the paraben just from a simple deodorant we use every day. This increases the possibility of cancer and even help an existing cancer to develop even more.

Scientists recommend to avoid as much as we can parabens because once they are in our body they will stay there for long time. Read the labels always when buying something. Try natural or homemade cosmetics because in that way you will stay 100% safe.

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