Here Is What Happens If You Use Your Air Conditioner Too Often


1.You will eat more

If you can’t survive the day without your air conditioner in your home, car, at work and even during shopping it will be harder for your body to get used to the summer temperatures. If you have confused your brain with great temperature difference it will start to compensate that in an unusual ways. You will start consuming food rich in salt, fat or sugar which is high in calories. This won’t happen to you when you are feeling hot.

2.You will drink less water

In colder house you will have lower need to drink water or other drinks which stimulate the removal of toxins from the body. It is well known that if you drink water regularly you will feel less hungry and as well it makes your face and body skin look better.

3.You might get sick

If you can’t live without air conditioner be careful not to exaggerate with the temperature difference. The difference in inside and outside temperature shouldn’t be higher than 5 degrees.

If you stay for too long in air conditioned room and then go outside on the heat you will cause thermal shock which may result in cold or some serious disease.

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