HE ALMOST DIED: He Wanted to Whiten His Teeth with This Product and Now He Has a Hole in His Throat

A guy from Britain, Jake Barrett, 22, almost died after using tooth whitening kit. Barrett wanted to have white and perfect teeth just like his favorite Hollywood actor Channing Tatum. Jake bought the “3D Crest White” tooth whitening kit online and paid 65 pounds for it. Just after 48 hours of using this whitening kit, he got cyst in his mouth, which was getting bigger and bigger by the minute. He put up with the horrible pains for 6 days and then he went to see a doctor. The doctors found a cyst, which was full with hydrogen peroxide. The medical analyses and treatments found that in the tooth whitening kit, which Jake used, had 15% of pure hydrogen peroxide. The operated him for 3 hours and now he has a hole under his chin.

-The doctor told me that the lump that had formed was the size of a grapefruit, and so delicate that any moment it could have leaked hydrogen peroxide down my throat. If that had happened, I would have got peroxide poisoning and died, Jake said for the local newspaper.

He also added that he wasn’t sure what the liquid was, or why it had formed, but I assumed I would be ok and that the penicillin I was taking for something else would treat that, too. But, he was definitely wrong.

But over the next few days, the bulge continued to grow until I could barely swallow. I was limited to drinking smoothies and soup, but even they didn’t go down easily – eventually I gave up and went to the hospital, Barrett said. He also had one of his back teeth removed, because it had become infected with peroxide, and after ten days in hospital, was finally allowed home, Daily Mail reports.

– I was so focused on getting a Hollywood smile I didn’t stop to think about the damage it might do to my teeth. I really don’t get it. Why they even sell products like this one, when it’s not safe for the customers – especially when it’s a big name like Crest.

A spokesman for Procter & Gamble, which owns Crest, said that nothing is more important to them than the wellbeing and safety of the people who use their products. They also say that they are really sorry to hear about Barrett’s experience and wish him a full recovery.  The spokesman also mentions that they are not familiar with this specific case and would very much like to talk to him and they will investigate this case.

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