Guava is a tropical fruit that originates from Brazil and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The tree has a branched stem and elliptic and thick leaves with white fragrant flowers. Some guava trees can grow up to 5-6 m. in height, although most are smaller. The fruit has an ovoid shape and is greenish in color. It resembles a pear and has a sweet and sour taste. Guava is mainly used for jams or jellies, but it can also be consumed fresh or juiced. The main producers of the fruit are Florida, California, Cuba, Brazil and India.

Besides the pleasant taste, the guava offers numerous health benefits as well. It is a great tonic for the heart and acts as a tranquilizer, while controlling the nervous system and regulating the blood sugar levels. Ripe guava mixed with honey can cure chest and throat congestion, while the leaves of the fruit can relieve digestive problems and inflammation in the stomach. Many people drink guava leaves tea as a treatment for varicose veins. When consumed regularly, guava juice can relieve urinary incontinence and prevent inflammation in the body. An alcoholic tincture of guava leaves can treat seizures and epilepsy.

The flesh of the fruit is a powerful remedy against scurvy or beri-beri. Experts recommend eating a piece of the fruit daily to prevent bacterial and viral infection. Thanks to its chemical composition, guava can fight acne and prevent the formation of blood clots, while also fighting allergies and relieving the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some popular guava remedies:

Guava goiter remedy

Mix some broccoli, 2 tablespoons of oats and guava juice in a blender, then drink a glass of the remedy every day to fight goiter.

Guava asthma remedy

Soak an onion in water overnight, then pour the liquid in a blender along with a glass of guava, orange and lemon juice. Drink a glass of the juice every other day and you will see significant improvements.

Guava IBS remedy

Boil a liter of water in a saucepan, then add 10 tablespoons of chopped dry guava leaves and simmer the mixture for a while. Leave it to cool down afterwards, then strain it and drink a cup of the tea. Drink 3 cups of the guava leaves tea a week in order to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Guava gout remedy

Wash, peel and chop 4 guavas, then add the pieces in a liter of boiling water. Now, let them soak for 3 hours, and drink a glass of the mixture every day for 2 months to relieve gout.

Guava cold remedy

Put 2 oranges, 1 guava, 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey and a cup of water in a blender and mix for a couple of minutes – this remedy will provide your body with loads of vitamin C and treat flu, colds or infections.

Guava cholesterol remedy

Mix ½ a cup of guava juice with ½ a cup of cucumber juice and drink it twice a day to reduce your high cholesterol.

Guava diarrhea remedy

Boil a handful of guava leaves in a liter of water for 10 minutes, then remove the tea from the heat, strain it and leave it to cool down. Drink 3-4 cups a day until you notice improvements.

Guava remedy that will reinforce your immune system

Boil 1 onion in water for 10 minutes, then cut a guava in cubes. Squeeze 3 lemons, 2 oranges and 1 grapefruit in a glass, then add everything in a blender and mix for a minute. Drink the juice every morning on an empty stomach to reinforce your immune system and help the body fight infections.

Guava colitis remedy

To treat colitis, all you need to do is drink a glass of guava juice with a tablespoon of honey every day.

Guava toothache remedy

Wash several guava leaves and chew them slowly with the tooth that hurts.

Guava hair loss remedy

Boil a handful of guava leaves in a liter of water until it turns dark, then massage the mixture on your scalp twice a week for best results.

Guava diabetes remedy

Wash 2 guavas and soak them in 500 ml. of water overnight, then strain the mixture in the morning and drink the water several times a day until you feel improvements.

Guava acne and pimples remedy

Mix a handful of fresh guava leaves with a bit of water in a blender, then apply the mask on your face and leave it to dry. Rinse with plenty of water in the end and repeat the process every day for best results.

Guava dengue fever remedy

Boil 5 guava leaves in a liter of water, then leave the tea to cool down and drink the whole amount during the day.

Guava weight loss remedy

Mix some guava pulp and orange juice in a blender, then drink the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

Guava platelet-increasing remedy

Mix 3 guavas in a blender with some honey, then take the juice twice a day to boost your blood platelet count.

Guava remedy for vaginal odor

Add 10 guava leaves in a liter of water, then leave the drink to cool down and use it to wash your vagina twice a day.

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