My Grandson: the little piece of Heaven that Life gave me

Why are grandchildren so precious for grandparents? The most valuable thing in life for a parent are his children and if they have their own children it is a double and extra pleasure. Being a grandfather is a great experience, highly recommended and happy.

Grandchildren come to teach us a lot and to be nurtured by us grownups. Spending time with our children and grandchildren is always a joy and a blessing.

The importance of grandchildren for grandparents

It is as important the presence of a grandfather for a child as for the grandfather the child is. It is an unbreakable bond, a bond of love, protection, security, complicity and lots of fun.

For the grandparents to be part of raising these children is something wonderful. It is to be able to participate in the life of them and their children. Contributing to the values, ideals, actions, and customs of these children is sensational for every grandparent.

1- For grandparents, spending time with their grandchildren is prolonging their life

This is proven. The life of grandparents is happier when grandchildren are than before they exist. Being in contact with a child lengthens life, fills you with youth, adventures, different experiences that come out of your everyday life. Being a grandparent is a full-time job.

This is why it is so important for a grandparent to spend time with his grandson, as it is a huge pleasure for them. But also for children, because the exchange of wisdom they do with grandparents is very broad and the love they provide is unconditional.

2- For grandparents to exchange wisdom is to nourish their life

The elders have done a great job to get there. They have raised their children and lived their lives thinking about them, working for them, striving every day to give them a better quality of life and always love.

Now, for the grandparents to get there, it means arriving with great wisdom, with knowledge and experiences that have nurtured them very much to be now in the role of grandparents. And what better than sharing all this knowledge with your beloved grandchildren.

This is an exchange of wisdom and love. Of companionship and full adventure. It is a bond to enjoy all the time.

3- For grandparents, every minimum time is worth gold

The grandparents are elderly people, they are people who are approaching the beginning of the end of their lives. And at this stage of their lives, they feel that they have to take advantage of everything and live it with greater intensity.

And for this, the grandchildren are perfect companies, because they fill the house with color, with laughter, with mischief. And every minute that a child spends with his grandfather that minute becomes eternal and fills him forever with grandpa.

Also, always think that at some point if you are a father, you may be a grandparent. Think of everything you enjoyed doing with your grandparents, in everything that your parents did not let you do and that you would let your beloved grandchildren do.

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