Folk Beliefs You Weren’t Aware About: Here’s What it means When a Body Part Itches!

Many people believe that there’s a hidden meaning behind the flickering of the eye or that constant itch on the head. Folk beliefs are an integral part of our ancestor’s culture and people in the past believed that there’s some kind of meaning behind everything, including some normal things like flashing eyes, buzzing ears or head itches.

DO you know what it means if the top of your head itches? Or when your right ear rings? What about when your left foot itches?

Here are some of these hidden meanings which often turn out to be true, for as much as we find them ridiculous:

When this part of your body itches:

Top of the head – it indicates that you’ll be getting a son.

The back of the neck – this is a sign that you’ll receive a gift soon.

The right side of the top of the head – you will judge someone.

The left side of the top of the head – you’ll have some kind of celebration soon.

Forehead – you will hear bad news.

Right ear – you will hear good news.

Left ear – you will hear bad news.

Chin – you’ll meet an old friend.

Right hand – you’ll give money.

Left hand – you’ll receive money.

Navel – you’ll be receiving a gift.

Right knee – you will find treasure in your home.

Left knee – something bad will happen to you.

Right heel – you’ll be receiving good news.

Left heel – someone will complain to you.

Right foot – you’ll be going on a trip.

Left foot – a great treasure awaits you.

If this body part flickers\shudders:

The spot between the eyes – you’ll be going on a trip.

The upper part of the right ear – expect a fight or a quarrel.

The upper part of the left ear – you’ll be receiving good news.

Right eyebrow – your kids will progress.

Left eyebrow –  prosperity and luck.

Both eyebrows – you can expect a merry celebration.

Right eye – everything you wish for will come true.

Left eye – someone respects you.

Upper eyelid of the right eye – there’s some kind of celebration in your family in the near future.

Lower eyelid of the right eye – you will meet a new friend.

Upper eyelid of the left eye – you will get a son.

Lower eyelid of the left eye – bad news awaits you.

Nose – a shuddering nose is a sign of bad news.

One side of the nose – a big concern awaits you.

Upper lip – you will host guests soon.

Lower lip – you’ll be proven right about something.

Lips – you’ll kiss someone

Right shoulder – you will be healthy.

Left shoulder – some kind of sadness awaits you.

Right elbow – you’ll enjoy good company.

If this body parts is ringing:

Right ear – expect good news.

Left ear – expect bad news.

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