Did You Know That Everyone Who Wore Braces Will Be Suffering From Cancer In 20 Years? Find Out More!

The people who use braces at least once must have asked themselves what consequences they could suffer from using these devices. The truth is that they have in their mouth an alloy of various metals like iron and nickel which are harmful to health.

The scientists from the Faculty of Odontology at the University of Buenos Aires claim that using braces could result in deadly consequences. An example of this could be a 31-year-old patient who was complaining of a severe discomfort in his mouth, and when he went to the dental emergency room, he was diagnosed with a strange osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumor in the jaw.

The doctors, astonished by this type of anomaly, decided to investigate more thoroughly this serious situation after a while they discovered a deformation on the patient’s teeth: most of his loose or fixed teeth felt severe pain. They also noticed the large amount of metals in the tumor, metals that are very common in the manufacture of dental braces.

Unfortunately, this patient´s treatment wasn´t successful and the cancer spread all over his mouth, but thanks to this case the doctors began to conduct more researches of this condition. They came to a conclusion that it is not healthy for us to wear dental braces for a large amount of time; in addition, we should keep a balanced diet while wearing them, because that guarantees these metals are in a good condition.

It is very important for us that you share this post, since we want this information to reach as many people as possible; that way we´ll manage to prevent the mouth cancer in many patients that have used, or are using the orthodontic cases.

Have you ever used the braces?


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