Effective Exercises For Strengthening The Eye Muscles And Improving The Sight

Here is a list of very useful exercises for your eyes that you should do every day.

This set of exercises will help you not only to remove the tiredness of your eyes but is also very helpful for correction of the sight.



Do this exercises without your glasses or contacts, slowly in a relaxed atmosphere.

Look up (at the ceiling or in the sky) and then suddenly down (in your feet).

Slowly draw a circle with your eyes: first clockwise and the in the other direction.

  1. Draw diagonals with your eyes (maximally point your look in sides).
  2. With the greatest possible amplitude draw square with your look.
  3. With your look follow the arc, maximum depressed and elevated.
  4. With you look draw big rhombus.
  5. Then draw maximum big crossed triangles.
  6. With your eyes draw a big letter S in vertical and horizontal position.
  7. With your eyes draw vertical arcs (clockwise and anticlockwise).
  8. Switch your sight from one corner to the other according to the diagonals of an imaginary square.
  9. Gather your pupils in the root of your nose. The best way to do this is to put a finger in front of your nose.
  10. Blink with your eyes often because this helps in relaxing the muscles after these exercises.

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