Do You Feel Tingling in Your Hands? Here Are 7 Reasons Why This Happens And Why You Need To Pay You More Attention To Your Health

Every one of us has sometimes lost sensitivity in the arms or legs or felt a slight tingling sensation – Usually, this is caused by a temporary interruption in the blood flow, and the sensation disappears when you move the limbs around for a bit. However, if the problem goes on for longer, it may be caused by something more sinister. Here are the main causes of numbness in the arms and legs:

Cervical osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis may be caused by an alteration of the cervical spine, which causes compression of the nerves and interruption of blood flow. This can result in even more problems if left untreated, so you may want to visit a doctor.

Multiple sclerosis

As the diseases destroy the nerve membranes of the brain and spinal cord, it leads to problems with the passage of nerve impulses and symptoms such as tingling and numbness in the arms and legs. Multiple sclerosis is a serious neurological disease, so make sure to visit a doctor if the problem goes on for longer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome is often present in people who mostly work with their hands in a repetitive motion (musicians, designers, programmers). The repetitive motion inflames the tendons in the narrow channel of the tunnel in the hands, which causes unpleasant tingling in the hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be diagnosed by a medical professional and should be caught on time in order to prevent atrophy of the muscles.

Venous thrombosis

This condition may also cause numbness as it slows down the blood flow and cuts the oxygen and nutrient flow to the cells. Left untreated, it can lead to complications such as gangrene, which is why you should visit a doctor right away.

Anemia and diabetes

Both diseases are usually accompanied by circulatory problems in the limbs

Brachial plexus neuralgia

This condition is caused by inflammation that can affect the surrounding tissue and causes pain and numbness in the hands.


Numbness in the hands, as well as confusion, headache and speech and vision problems, are symptoms that occur just before a stroke – if you experience them, call an ambulance as soon as you can!

These are the main causes of numbness in the limbs – if they don’t go away on their own after a while, you need to consult with a doctor on the possible cause. The symptoms should not be ignored as they often represent serious health problems which can lead to severe disabilities.

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