Did You Know That Your Deceased Loved Ones Visit Your After They Die?

Many of us have lost a loved one. It is known that the loss of someone is something very difficult to face. We do not know what to do but to cry and miss that person we have lost and pray that he is in a better place taking care of us here on earth.

Today we will be talking to you about people who are no longer on this earthly plane and yet you see them that way for short times but you see them. We hope you like this post and also that your questions are solved.

Although it sounds like something paranormal, it is very common that your deceased loved ones visit you here on Earth. Even if they do it for short moments every time, they can visit you to see you up close.

It is possible that more than once you have suffered the loss of a relative or a close friend and you have been hurt a lot. However, you should know that they have not left your side, you can not feel them as before but they are always with you.

It is common for you to dream that one of your deceased loved ones and this is called “Visit Dream”.They visit you when you sleep, you do not see them but many can feel them as if they were close, and this is a blessing the truth.

Even if you do not believe this, we do not say it, but a Spanish psychologist has investigated this and affirms that after dying they look for a way to communicate with the living loved ones that remain on Earth.

The psychologist says:

“One of the most frequent ways is to try to establish communication when the person sleeps. Every night, as we lie in bed to sleep, there is a moment in which our astral body leaves the physical body and travels through its plane while the physical body remains in bed.

Usually, these trips are not remembered because in the astral plane we are also asleep, we are not aware of the whole.

It is important to limit, says the doctor, that the astral plane is the plane that we will pass when we die so it is full of disembodied beings and that is why there is the possibility that we find in that plane our loved one during dreams trying to communicate with us ”

This commonly happens and there is no need to fear this experience that happens simply because of the love and feelings that bind us to loved ones, a bond that does not disappear even after death.

You should know that what your loved one tells you in the dream is concise and you may feel a cold sensation around you.

It is possible that if your loved one speaks to you in dreams, it is because:

Seek forgiveness: You may want to ask for forgiveness for something you did in life or for us to be the ones to ask for forgiveness.

Warning in health or an imminent danger: We may want to alert us about a situation soon to happen that may affect us

Prepare for our own death: Pay close attention to what they say in dreams, it is possible that your loved one is warning you that you will soon leave the earthly plane.

Seek help: You may be stuck on your journey to the afterlife.

People who have died suddenly appear more often than those who died naturally, they move easily beyond.

We hope we have helped you with this post.

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