The Dermatologists Don´t Want You To Know About It. It Eliminates Spots And Warts And it Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It Every Night

Warts represent a skin condition and are completely harmless, but pretty annoying and often painful. They can appear anywhere, but can usually be found in the parts where skin is rubbed, like underarms, groins, chest, neck and eyelids.

While there is no specific reason for the appearance of warts, it is widely regarded that it is due to the genetic predisposition, and it also links to the overweight people, and the diabetics. Sometimes the hormonal changes can cause the appearance of warts, as well as pregnancy.

You should just follow this simple procedure and use these few elements:
-Take a piece of cotton big enough to cover the wart, dip it in apple cider vinegar and remove the excess. Put it on the wart and keep it there for a few minutes.

Repeat this procedure just twice a day for five days in a row and you´ll see how the wart slowly turns dark brown.

After about a week the wart will fall off by itself, and in the case there are any remains left, they´ll disappear in a few days.

Important: don´t use vinegar to remove warts from the eyelids, since that could irritate the eyes.

The faultless homemade recipe is apple vinegar

For this we are going to need several sticking plasters, or “Band-Aids”, which depends on the number of warts we have, then we are going to put two to three drops of apple vinegar on the Band-Aid bandages and then put it on the wart we want to remove.

We should repeat this for five days without skipping any. We´re going to do it every morning when we wake up and before we go to sleep, in other words, twice a day. Don´t forget to keep the Band-Aid until the night when you have to put another portion on. After five days have passed, you´ll see that the wart disappeared, and if it hasn´t, we´ll recommend you another method.

What you need to do is put a piece of Scotch tape on the wart and leave it there for five consecutive days without taking it off. You´ll notice how the wart gets soaked in water and in the end you´ll have to use a pumice stone to carefully polish the area around the wart, since you will be removing dead skin.

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