Colorado Mom Adopts 1-Year-Old Child After Learning She Was Fostering Son’s Biological Sibling

Whatever choices we make in life, we all return home at some point. Families are anchored by solid and permanent pillars, and our houses serve as unending sources of comfort and support. Adore is the foundation of a family, and I love my family. Grayson was adopted by Katie Page, a lady from Colorado, in 2017.

Prior to meeting Grayson, who had been left behind at a hospital, Katie took care of four foster kids. She struggled with infertility and had always wanted to adopt. A month or so after she had taken in Grayson, she phoned a placement service and informed them that a little child named Hannah need a nursing home. When Hannah’s promotion by the company started, Katie observed some parallels between the kids.

This young girl’s tale is comparable to Grayson’s. They have the same physical markings, including dimples on the chin. Hannah does not have a traditional name, but the original mother’s first name and the name on her medical bracelet match Grayson’s. When Hannah’s birth mother adopted the children, she gave them a different last name; this was a choice for Hannah’s siblings.

It could be referred to as maternal intuition. When Katie Page enquired about Hannah’s biological mother and had the youngster undergo a DNA test, she started looking into the case. Page claims that Hannah was introduced to methamphetamine while she was still a fetus.

Two years ago Katie found out that the two children were siblings to another child, one-year-old Jackson. As she is a single mother, Katie decided to give Jackson a chance to grow up with his biological siblings.

She said:

“When Jackson came along I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to.”

After they adopted Jackson in June, about 30 friends and family members attended their virtual adoption ceremony. The family made a connection in a video call : Kaci, Dustin and Whitney, the adoptive parents of two little girls who have the same biological mother as Katie and her three children.

The remarkable parents organized a beach trip to Florida, where the five children met. This made Katie overjoyed that she could adopt Grayson, but she felt terrible that she could not give him any information about his biological family.

She said:

“Three sisters and a brother now sit beside and will grow up with him. He has more love and family members that love him than I ever dreamed possible.”

Katie Page shared a photo of the five siblings on Instagram, and captioned it: “This is us.”

Impressive story of love!