Cher Says She Will Leave America… What Do You Say To Her?

Cher, the iconic “Believe” singer, recently shared her concerns and intentions regarding the political landscape and the future of transgender individuals in America in an interview with The Guardian. Expressing her apprehensions about the possibility of former President Donald Trump being re-elected, Cher revealed that she would consider leaving the country if that were to happen.

Recalling the stress she experienced during Trump’s previous presidency, Cher admitted, “I practically got an ulcer the last time.” She expressed her deep unease at the thought of enduring another Trump administration, emphasizing her resolve to leave the country if he were to win again.

Additionally, Cher voiced her concerns about the future for transgender people, highlighting the alarming number of bills being proposed—approximately 500—that could potentially impact their rights and well-being. Drawing from personal experiences, including her relationship with her son Chaz, who is transgender, Cher emphasized the importance of unity and advocacy for the transgender community.

Cher has been a vocal critic of Trump, previously referring to him as a “f—ing traitor” and condemning the damage she believes he has inflicted upon America.

In her interview with The Guardian, Cher also addressed the ongoing tensions between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, a topic she has been actively discussing on social media. Reflecting on her Armenian heritage and a transformative trip to Yerevan, Cher expressed a newfound connection to her roots and a heightened sense of solidarity with her community.

Beyond politics, Cher shared her excitement about her upcoming Christmas album, featuring collaborations with music icons like Stevie Wonder and Cyndi Lauper. Describing the album as a 13-track project with a mix of covers and original songs, Cher expressed pride in the eclectic nature of the album and her creative process in bringing it to fruition.

As Cher continues to navigate her role as a music legend and advocate, her candid insights and unwavering commitment to social issues serve as a testament to her enduring influence and impact.

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