An Incredible Ginger Bath: It Releases From Radiation, Heavy Metals And Other Toxins – Recipe!

We have so many posts about this extremely healthy vegetable – ginger. Well, ginger is considered to be one of the best plants for body detox and it’s usually part of many cleansing methods and detoxification diets. You’ve probably used ginger to detox your body, right? This healthy spice is often used in medicinal purposes for thousands of years because of its antioxidant, anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory properties. The compounds – gingerol and shogaol, give the ginger’s detoxifying and healthy properties. Ginger is loaded with gingerol and shogaol. These 2 compounds have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmolytic effects on the gastrointestinal system.

In this post we are going to show you how to make ginger bath. When we combine ginger in a bath with a strong mineral base like Epsom salt for example, we can actually create a process called – reverse osmosis. Bitter salt or magnesium sulfate is the so-called Epsom salt. This body cleansing method will remove the salt and it will detoxify your body in the same way. It will improve the entrance of magnesium and sulfates into your body.

Here’s how to make this detoxifying ginger – salt bath:


  • 1/2 a cup of grated ginger or you can also use freshly grated ginger or powder ginger
  • Several drops of ginger ethereal oil
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger, an empty tea bag or filter tea ball
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt – bitter salt or magnesium sulfate


First, you need to fill the bath tub with hot water and add the ginger, the Epsom salt and the ethereal oil. Then, step into the ginger bath and spend about 20 minutes in it. If you notice that you are sweating more than usual for the next few hours, you shouldn’t be worried. It’s normal. You need to drink lots of water after you use this homemade detoxifying method with ginger bat.

We really hope you enjoyed this post, and please share it with your friends and family members. Thank you for reading and take care.


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