An 82 Year Old Woman Was Caught Shoplifting in a Supermarket Store

We cannot even begin to conceive how many people struggle to make ends meet. Being unable to support the family is a problem that many people face, particularly in these troubling times when the entire globe is experiencing problems with inflation and a shortage of power.

The cost of necessities is rising, and more firms are being put out of business as a result. It’s harder than it used to be to find a job. Many people have a difficult time with life, especially those who can’t work for different reasons.

One 82-year-old grandmother was left alone to look after her grandkids. Sadly, she could do little to obtain nourishment due to her advanced age. She was compelled to steal food from a local store on Via Casilina in Ferentino, Frosinone, Italy, because the little money she had wouldn’t cover it.

When an employee spotted her putting canned food in her bag, they confronted her. The grandma was scared and begged them not to call the police. “Please don’t call the cops; I don’t want my grandkids to know,” she kept repeating.

She then explained that she struggled to provide food for her grandchildren as tears rolled down her face.

The store manager was deeply touched by her story. Not only he didn’t call the police, but he let her take anything that she needed. He even told her to stop by whenever she needed food.

“Come grab what you need anytime you want; a few euros don’t matter anything to me,” he said.

We are glad there are still people there as considerate and as caring as this market owner.

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