Abandoned Cat Walks 19 Km to Get Back Home Only To Find Out His Family Wants Him Dead!

He was a 7-years old stray cat when he got a adopted by a family in North Carolina. Toby was excited to get a home, but unfortunately, the family soon turned against him. They decided they didn’t want him anymore so they gave him away to another family who lived 19 km away.

Toby got a new and loving family, but he never felt truly at home. He immediately escaped and walked 19 km to find his way back home, to the family who first adopted him. He found his way back only to learn that the family wants him euthanized.

The family took Toby to the nearest shelter and ask for him to be euthanized. The shelter refused since Toby was healthy and loving cat. The shelter worked with Wake County SPCA to help find Toby a loving and steady home.

Toby got his luck back and got adopted by Michelle and her family. He even has a sibling, another loving cat. Toby’s new mom is thrilled to have him and she’s willing to show him what a loving home is!

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