7 of the 8 individuals who died of flu HAD received the flu shot

The recent outbreak of flu has highlighted some MAJOR holes in the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

Speculation has been rife for years about how effective, and indeed necessary the flu vaccine is for many people, and now the statistics reveal the shocking truth.

After health professionals admitting that this years flu have vaccines have often been as little as 10% effective, new data shows that 7 out of every 8 people who have died from this years outbreak HAD actually received the shot, so what exactly is it meant to be protecting against?

For years now, the producers of the flu vaccine (Big Pharma) and the distributors of it (the doctors) have peddled the same lies about the flu vaccine being a necessity to people who they say are at risk – young children, the elderly and people suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma.

But the dire statistics this year show how the flu shot has actually been more deadly than the virus itself.

The Department of Justice has issued statistics outlining how much, and for which vaccines they have payed out compensation for, and the flu shot is by far the highest.

Their stats show that 275 of the 332 cases where compensation was awarded, it was for damages payed after receiving the flu vaccine, and out of the 5 deaths reported, 4 of them were from the flu vaccine.

The stats show how the flu vaccine IS dangerous to some people who are advised to get it.

Health Nut News report how out of 8 recorded deaths from the flu in one area, 7 of the victims had received the flu shot. The victims were all elderly, meaning that their immune systems will have naturally been weaker.

Adverse effects reported from the flu vaccine often include very similar symptoms to the virus itself, sometimes it takes days for people to get over the negative bodily reactions that come with receiving the flu shot, and the shock to the body again weakens the immune system.

While the Eastern Idaho Public Health report the effectiveness of the flu shot was 30-40%, more recent reports put that number at as low as 10%.

They say that the best way to prevent getting the flu is not by simply getting a vaccine, but by actively protecting yourself. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser gel in public, wrap up warm and eat plenty of healthy foods.

7 Vaccinated Die From Flu In Santa Barbara

This year’s flu spectacle is showing no indications of letting up, at least not from the media’s perspective. Daily reports on “death tolls” which are being blamed on the flu continue to make headlines. It should be noted that flu misdiagnosis is also killing people, but we aren’t spending too much time on those narratives.

In Santa Barbara county, a place which also is suffering from some of the worst mudslides in the county’s history has now reported that 8 people have passed away due to the flu. However, 7 of the 8 were not only flu shot vaccinated, but they’d also received flu meds from their respective ERs.

According to Independent.com

“These numbers are unprecedented for the past 10 years,” said Dr. Charity Dean, public health czar for Santa Barbara County. Dean said all but one of the eight had been vaccinated and all had been given flu-fighting medications. “I’m worried about how severe our flu season will be,” she said.

Dean said the number of patients who are testing positive for the flu at local hospitals and health clinics is also off the charts. “Our numbers are in line with statewide numbers, and they’re definitely cause for concern,” she said. Dean reported that local emergency rooms are slammed, reportedly experiencing a threefold increase in number of patients reporting flu-like symptoms. Emergency room waiting times have grown significantly longer as a result.

When 7 of 8 deaths took the flu shot, how do we justify pushing the herd to receive more flu shots? Originally, Santa Barbara health officials blamed the Thomas fire on the spread of the flu, citing that the smoke inhalation in the lungs made people more prone to get the flu. But that’s since been dismissed as a theory.



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