4 Herbs You Can Add To Any Meal For Optimal Vitamin Absorption

Despite the advances in modern medicine, human beings seem to be getting weaker, and the main system that seems to be affected, alarmingly, is the digestive system. People feel under par and question; am I missing some essential vitamin or mineral, or, worse, am I not absorbing some essential ingredients from my food?

Most people are unaware of the fact that herbs have some great benefits outside of the usual nutrition and immune boosting properties. One of the little known secrets about them is that they can actually help your body process vitamins better. Being able to absorb vitamins properly can have a huge impact on how you handle supplements and the vitamins that are introduced to your body naturally through the foods that you eat.

Best Herbs for Boosting Vitamin Absorption

Considering that there are so many different kinds of herbs it can be a difficult decision when you are trying to find the perfect ones to help with vitamin absorption. The great part about them is that they can be grown by you, bought at the store, or bought in a powdered form online. If you are smart about the way that you put them into your body you will notice a drastic change in your overall well being in a short amount of time.


  • Wormwood is crucial in proper vitamin absorption. It allows the membranes to transfer crucial nutrients and vitamins easily. Having this extra helping hand means your body is naturally going to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals that you ingest. Many folks use wormwood to get the most of their multivitamin supplement.


  • Cumin has a non-direct way of helping the body absorb vitamins. It eases the walls of the stomach, making it work more efficiently. The stomach is responsible for absorbing nutrients and vitamins, so if it works better absorption will improve. Cumin has also been proven to be a great source of iron and magnesium.


  • Cayenne pepper is perhaps one of the best herbs you can get to boost your vitamin absorption in your body. When you consume small amounts of cayenne pepper your gastric wall expands, causing the stomach to take in nutrients and vitamins easier than it normally would. Cayenne is also a great source of vitamin C and should be in your diet at least a couple times a week for good health.


  • Alfalfa is another important herb that you should try to get into your diet to help your body take in all of the vitamins and nutrients that you consume in a day. This herb is practically overflowing with key nutrients that your body needs. When alfalfa is consumed in sprout form it can have a huge impact on the body in a short amount of time.

Common Problems and How Herbs Help

There are a slew of reasons why vitamins can help people absorb vitamins who would otherwise have a problem. The main reason people use herbs to supplement their body’s lack of absorption is simple; sometimes food just moves quickly through the body. If food is digested quickly then there is no time for the vitamins to be absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body.

Another common problem people have is a poor diet. If you are not eating properly no amount of multivitamins in the world is going to help you absorb better. You should always make sure you are eating a diet that is rich in key vitamins and minerals to ensure you get your daily recommended amount of nutrients. It is also important that you exercise regularly to make sure your body maintains consistent levels of calcium and insulin, among other things.

The body is very complex, particularly when it comes to the digestive system and how nutrients are handled from within. While we might not know everything there is to know about vitamins, one thing is for sure, herbs can play a key role in helping your body make the best of what you eat. The next time you go shopping don’t forget to pick up some fresh herbs to get your body and mind on a  healthier path.


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