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Flax seed is rich in various vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fibers that normalize the work of the intestines. It cleans the body from toxins, decreases appetite and the level of sugar in blood. Its special secret is in the fatty acids that activate the sebaceous glands in the body thus helping in losing extra fat in the organism.

Flax seed tea is recommended by many nutritionists and as well it is beneficial in patients with gastritis, ulcers and hemorrhoids.


Process of preparation:

Take 3 tablespoon of flax seed and add them in 1 l boiling water. Leave it to cool down during the night. The best is to use thermos. If you don’t have it use pot or bowl which can be covered. Strain the tea in the morning and you will get a bit mucous drink which you will consume everyday with your breakfast and dinner.

The tea is consumed 3 – 4 times a day in a dose of 150 ml before every meal. Don’t make large amount from this tea because you need to consume it fresh. Consume it for 10 days and then make a break of another 10 days and continue with consumption. This is a great tempo which will help you lose weight and regulate all of the irregularities in your organism.

Warning: The advises from this text are informative and can’t replace your doctor or pharmacist when it comes to your health. If you have serious health issues consult your doctor. We check our data and kindly ask you to follow them as direction to good health.

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