13 Great Centerpiece Ideas With Calla Lilies

Our home is our safe haven and an oasis of peace where we relax and take a break from the everyday routine. However, keeping the home organized and neat isn’t easy – before anything else, it must be clean in order to radiate tranquility. An untidy home generates a lot of chaos and stress and can affect our overall wellbeing. This is especially true if you live in a bigger city, where the sound of the street can add to the problem. The so-called “noise pollution” is the main cause of stress and anxiety in metropolitan areas and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Luckily, resolving the stress can be done easily. In order to bring peace and tranquility in your home, you need to rearrange the chaos and bring order. This may seem impossible with children in the home, but it’s manageable. If you teach them how to be organized, they will quickly learn and it will become a habit.

The decoration in our home plays a bigger part than you may think. Properly organized home can bring harmony and peace, but this means paying attention to every small detail, including the colors and ornaments. Flower decorations is something that everyone overlooks, but vase centerpieces can have a big influence on the energy in our home. An arranged centerpiece put at the right place can improve the aesthetics in your home and help you relax. Today we’re going to show you how to make your own vase centerpieces that will bring tranquility in your home.

The centerpieces you can see below are easily prepared and will definitely help you enjoy your home more. The first thing you’ll need are high transparent vases, and you should also make sure that the container doesn’t have any texture or design. For the flowers, we’ve used Calla Lilies. Of course, you’ll also need some water which will enrich the atmosphere in your home and help you achieve a floating look. Here are 13 vase centerpiece ideas that will bring peace to your home:


Do you like the arrangements? What’s your favorite one? Thanks for reading and share your own centerpieces in the comments section below!

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