Skittles deemed ‘unfit for human consumption’, according to new lawsuit

A new class action lawsuit in the US is alleging that Skittles sweets are “unfit for human consumption” and are apparently toxic enough to “change DNA”. While these claims might sound bold, that’s what the California lawsuit launched by plaintiff Jenile Thames accuses Mars Inc., the popular chocolate bar brand and multinational manufacturer of Skittles and many other … Read more

5 Plants That Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby

sleep like a baby

Sleeping is one of the most important activities for humans. Through sleep, our body is able to rest and repair all the damage it suffered during the day. Sleeping will also “fill our batteries” for the next day and keep our energy levels up. In order to sleep properly overnight, every little bit of detail … Read more

Improves Your Memory By 80% And Burns Fat – This Is The Greatest Natural Remedy Ever! (RECIPE)

The remedy we’re going to show you today acts like a booster for the whole body. It will accelerate your metabolism and improve your memory, while also boosting the function of numerous organs. Continue reading below to learn how to prepare it. The remedy became an overnight hit recently when the recipe was posted online. … Read more