Baba Vanga’s terrifying prophecy about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The psychic would have warned of a major war at the hands of Russia. Following the wave of concern over Russia’s taking up arms against Ukraine , the fact has become a topic of worldwide interest and even, years ago, different prophets, including slime vanga they would have predicted a war in Europe at the hands of Russia. Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova, … Read more

Hershey Starts Firing Unvaccinated Employees

The Hershey Company has started to terminate the employees who decided not to take the COVID-19 shots. And that’s not the whole story. Besides losing their jobs, employees are also asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in which they forfeit their rights to sue the company or to talk about any negative experiences in the … Read more

Do You Have a “Lucky M” in your Hand?

Today’s post is about luck, and the ‘Magic M’. I’ve been researching the concept of “luck” in our hands, and posing the questions: “What is luck?”, “Do you believe in luck?”, and, if you are a reader, “Do you speak to your clients of ‘luck’? In traditional palmistry, there are markings that relate to luck. … Read more

National Guard Doctors Find Hospitals Empty of Covid Patients

On Monday, the criminal Biden administration and its complicit states’ governors activated a program that deployed 1,000 military medical workers to six U.S. states to help hospitals besieged by an imaginary crisis—a non-existent surge of Omicron patients. But physicians attached to the New Jersey Army National Guard, Task Force Secaucus, found their assigned location, Hudson … Read more

Kind Student Gives 3 Bags Of Clothes To Bullied Classmate Who Wore The Same Outfit To School Every Day

People online praised a mind-hearted student for helping out a fellow classmate who was being bullied at his school. The student, Brayden, shared the story with the online magazine Understanding Compassion, and explained the way he helped another student, whose name is being kept anonymous. Namely, he said that his fellow student was continually bullied for being poor … Read more

Thelma Sutcliffe, 114-year-old Nebraska woman, is now the oldest living American

Thelmɑ Sᴜtcliffe, born Oct. 1, 1906, celebrɑted her 114th birthdɑy in October. She is ɑlso now the seventh-oldest person in the world. The previoᴜs record-holder, 115-yeɑr-old Hester Ford, died in north Cɑrolnɑ on ɑpril 17, ɑccordiпg to the Geroпtology Reseɑrch Groᴜp. Ford will hɑve her life hoпored with ɑ speciɑl light displɑy ɑпd fᴜпerɑl service, … Read more