“Pathway to Heaven” Captured in Photo of Fatal Car Crash

Back in 2017, two young moms and a baby girl lost their lives in a fatal car crash in Gainesville, Georgia. The crash left their families devastated, naturally, and broke the hearts of everyone who heard about it. Another young woman witnessed the tragedy while on her way to work that day, and she even … Read more

Bumblebee Has Officially Been Added To The Ever-Growing List Of Endangered Species

The bumblebee has been officially added to the list of endangered species along with the gray wolf, grizzly bear, the northern spotted owl, and about 700 other extinct animal species. According to National Geographic: The rusty-patched bumblebee (Bombus affinis), once a common sight, is “now balancing precariously on the brink of extinction,” according to the … Read more

Yulan Magnolia Flowers Look Like Beautiful Birds

We all love a good trick of the eye – just think the great debate over the gold or blue dress a few years ago. But there is one optical illusion that has been brought to us courtesy of Mother Nature. And it’s pretty cool! These particular flowers also happen to look very similar to … Read more

Deadly Listeria Outbreak Linked to Dole Salads ‘Is Over,’ CDC Says

Federal officials have declared that a deadly outbreak of listeria linked to Dole packaged salads has ended. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that the outbreak that left three people dead and at least 18 others sick across 13 states “is over.” However, the CDC noted the number of sick people reported … Read more

Can You Solve This Math Riddle In Under 10 Seconds?

The great thing about a math riddle is that they’re not only fun but challenging too. Whether you’re a fan of the subject or not, one thing is for sure- math riddles are wonderful ways to keep you in check. And for those who aren’t very logic-oriented or into solving detective mysteries, this just might … Read more

Magnesium Levels Vital for Strong Immune Response to Infections and Cancer

The level of magnesium in the blood is an important factor in the immune system’s ability to tackle pathogens and cancer cells. Writing in the journal Cell, researchers from the University of Basel and University Hospital Basel have reported that T cells need a sufficient quantity of magnesium in order to operate efficiently. Their findings may … Read more