Disgusting Video Shows Man Urinating On Cereal Conveyor Belt At ‘Kellogg’s Factory’

This is really shocking – this footage shows man urinating on a cereal conveyor belt at a factory. This person relieves himself for around 20 seconds as corn flakes are made. Just look closely and you will notice that the video then shows a Kellogg’s logo on a separate machine at the factory. Some people think that this is at a plant in the U.S., but the exact location is not known. But still, this doesn’t change the fact that this person is urinating on a cereal conveyor belt at a Kellogg’s factory. The Kellogg’s spokesman, Kris Charles, said that their company is investigating the incident and has contacted the police


You will notice that at first it is not clear what he is urinating on, but as the self-shot cell phone video pans upwards, a conveyor belt leading to thousands of corn flakes can be seen. This is really disgusting. This company, Kellogg’s, has factories in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Battle Creek, Michigan, Omaha, Nebraska, and Memphis, Tennessee.  Some people think that the man responsible is a Kellogg’s employee, but this is still not known. And the Kellogg’s’ spokesman, Kris Charles, also mentioned that it is not known when the incident took place.

Kris Charles said:

“Kellogg takes this situation very seriously and is shocked and outraged by this video. We have alerted law enforcement authorities and regulators, and are conducting a thorough investigation. And our investigation so far revealed that the video was recorded in 2014 or earlier. We will share more information as we learn more.”

Note: they didn’t mention how they know that the video is old. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.