This Family Had A Terrible Car Accident And Lost Three Kids! After One Year, a Miracle Happens!


The Coble’s family suffered a terrible car accident, in which they lost their three kids. It was really tragic, and it happened after a fun day. Their mother Lori and their grandmother Cindy spent the whole day in a theme park and a zoo. The oldest son Kyle was celebrating his fifth birthday. When they were coming back home, a big truck hit the back of their van, where the kids were sitting. When their father arrived on the scene, the two little sisters were already deceased. And the five-year-old had a few more days, fighting for his life, but his injuries were too severe. He died in the hospital, in the arms of his father.

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Both parents were going through the worst period of their lives. They’ve lost three kids. After few months they’ve decided that they can’t go on like this. They can’t live like this and they want to hear a kid smile again. So, the mother became pregnant and then a miracle happened. The young couple had triplets – two girls and one boy. Take a look at the video bellow. Your hearts will be melted. And don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Thank You.