Massage The Gamut Point On Your Hand And Get Rid Of All Bad Habits!

If you control it and release the energy through the meridians,then you can create more space for new things, and what’s even better – you can get rid of all bad habits.

First, you should know that the emotional health is the “foundation” of self-confidence, and confidence is the springboard getting things done in life. The option to get rid of bad and unhealthy habits and to “bring” healthy and good habits in our lives actually allows us to use our full potential.

Well, imbalance in thebody’s energy system has a “deep” influence and side effect over the people’s psychology. So, if you fix and restore these imbalances in the body’s energy system, which can be done by tapping on certain areas of the body, you can get rid of these blockages.

First, you need to know that there are 12 major meridians in your body, which are a part of one “thing”, which is visible in the natal horoscope. We carry this horoscope chart in our body, and each of these twelve meridians in the human body, is actually an entrance in a certain house of a horoscope. And when we know this, we can quickly diagnose which energetic program is blocked – actually means which area of our life is blocked.

The Triple Heater Meridian refers to everything that is related with our second house in the horoscope (the sign of Taurus), and it is related with the basic human values ​​and habits, materialization and stability.

This is why this meridian tries to hold everything steady,which means that sometimes this meridian receives the new things in life as hostile and often rejects even positive changes because it defines them as unsafe. So, if you work on this meridian, you will be able to adopt and accept the new changes and habits, including changes in financial status.

Exercise: tapping on the triple meridian heater – TH3 (tripleheater 3, gamut point)

This is the third point of the triple meridian heater, also known by the name – the Gamut point (Gamut point), and is also known as the ninth 9th in EFT. This point is located in the area between the small and ring finger.

By stimulating these points, you will reduce the resistance to new things, which will make it much easier to accept the changes in your life, and it will also allow you to change the plan and the sense of self-worth, or change your daily habits – like eating habits or habits of earning.

The positive affirmations connect conscious and unconscious

You need to start with this specific exercise by identifying the problem first (the feeling that we have when we think that we don’t deserve something) and to realize how intense it is – on a scale from 1 to 10. So, when the intensity is bigger than 5, then you should make a clear statement (you need to say it out loud) and you should accept it and then you should let it go.

Or, you can use the following statement as well: “Although I do not deserve to have / be / get, I deeply accept myself.” By repeating these statement and simultaneously tapping the Gamut point (minimum 3 minutes), you will reduce the intensity of all unwanted emotions, and if you repeat this method for a long time, you will release yourself from these unwanted emotions.

After that, your best option is to fill the empty space with something new and positive: “I now choose to earn (get something, completely get rid of some bad habits), and therefore I deeply accept myself.” In this way, if you connect the conscious and the unconscious mind (the body) to work together, we will easily adopt new and positive things and emotions in life. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.