Vitamin B9 is one of the vitamins our body requires on a daily basis. It’s a water-soluble B complex vitamin which is synthesized in the intestines and offers numerous health benefits. Vitamin B9 plays a big role in the production of platelets, red blood cells and leukocytes, which makes it important for our overall health as well.

The vitamin also plays a role in the production of RNA and various amino acids, and contributes to the regeneration and production of new body cells via chemical and enzymatic reaction. The vitamin is present in numerous easily available foods such as meat, peanuts, oregano, parsley, spinach, raspberries and mint. However, in order to benefit from it, you should eat these foods raw, as cooking them destroys this vitamin and other important nutrients they contain.

Folic acid capsules

Folic acid capsules are affordable and available in pharmacies worldwide. They are a great way of enjoying the benefits of vitamin B9. Lack of vitamin B9 is a serious problem which may result in cancer and has been related to mental degradation and similar disorders in children. Lack of this vitamin may also cause premature menopause, loss of memory, headaches, migraines, anemia and paranoia.

The vitamin is digested differently in different people. Athletes and people that spend hours under sunlight digest it faster, and it’s the same with smokers, alcoholics, pregnant women and women on contraceptives. In general, the recommended dosage for adults is 200-500 mg. a day, which is just enough to promote proper body function. This dosage should be increase in cases of extreme mental and physical effort, stress or the flu.

Folic acid and pregnancy

Besides the cases of stress, flu or extreme mental or physical effort, the body also requires more folic acid during pregnancy and lactation. Of course, the vitamins should be taken under medical supervision in order not to harm the fetus in the womb. Unlike other vitamins, too much vitamin B9 won’t result in hypervitaminosis as the excess is excreted through the urine, no matter how much of it you consume.

Folic acid can be consumed on its own or in combination with vitamin B12 – whatever you choose, you will surely benefit from it. Regular consumption of vitamin B9 will improve the quality of your hair and skin in just a week – some women claim that it has made them look up to 20 years younger!

Seeing all the benefits it offers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add folic acid to your daily diet. Consume the aforementioned foods to get more of it, and you will surely improve your overall health.

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